Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Today's Ten on Tuesday is 10 things you like to do outside.  This one's pretty easy - with over 300 sunny days a year in Colorado, outside is kind of our default.

10 Things I Like To Do Outside

  1. Hiking.  We live in an amazing place for hiking and the pace is slow enough that you can actually see stuff.
  2. Snowshoeing.  The best way to hike in the winter!
  3. Snowboarding.  It hasn't been something I've been able to do much in the last couple of years, but it's exciting and challenging.
  4. Playing.  The best thing to do with a little kid is to follow them around outside.  They look at every rock and bug and stick and puddle and notice all the stuff you forgot about.
  5. Drinking.  I like to enjoy a glass of something nice out on the deck when the weather is nice.
  6. Dining.  Boulder has a ton of wonderful restaurants, and it's always a pleasure to have a relaxing meal on a patio (and not have to prepare it or clean it up).
  7. Reading.  A good book in the sun makes me feel like I'm on vacation.
  8. Sightseeing.  I don't really get to travel now, but in pre-kid days Mike and I would go to a new place and cover many miles on foot.  Now I just pretend to be a tourist and explore Boulder.  
  9. Socializing.  Parties and get-togethers are so much less confining when they can be out of doors.  Good for an introvert like me.
  10. Nothing.  Just being quiet and enjoying nature is my favorite.  Not much opportunity for this anymore because it turns into #4!

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