Monday, April 14, 2014

Simple fast paleo pancakes

Okay, so I don't usually make this kind of food.  But here's the story.  Recently I ordered a set of Curious George books for Alek, and he loves them, which means I read them several times a day.  One of them is about a pancake breakfast, and for the life of me, I couldn't stop thinking about pancakes.  I was never much of a pancake fiend, so this was weird, but I had pancakes on the brain.  Then I heard a couple of people I knew talking about gluten free pancakes at various local restaurants, and I really think the universe wanted me to have pancakes.  But I didn't want to do the gluten-free junk food thing.  And I didn't want to make one of the 500 hyper-palatable "paleo pancake" recipes that have 12 ingredients in proportions that you'd never eat, resulting in a regret-inducing binge.  So I figured I'd do a little experimenting.

I heated up some butter in a pan and started beating 1 egg (small-scale experiment).  I beat in a pinch of salt, a tiny amount of vanilla and a drizzle of honey (no more than I'd put in a cup of tea).  Okay, that's just desserty-scrambled eggs, time to make it look more like a batter.  So I sprinkled in a little almond flour (maybe a teaspoon?), stirred it up, then sprinkled in some coconut flour (maybe a tablespoon?), and finally poured in a little of the melted butter from the pan.  It looked a bit thicker than pancake batter, but thinner than cookie dough:

I carefully poured the batter into two circles in the pan.

When the bottom started to set, I added some blueberries.  Not nearly enough - please add more than this.

Flipped them.  Mmm, nice and brown from the butter.

Then I tried to arrange them artfully on a tiny plate and shoot at an angle to make up for my atrocious out-of-focus poor lighting kitchen photos.  

Yum!  Not hyperpalatable, not exactly like regular pancakes, but they were good, they tasted like real food, and they looked and felt enough like pancakes to satisfy my craving.  Being mostly egg, the flavor and texture were like a thick crepe.  I had more butter and a tiny bit of maple syrup on them.  It was a small serving - I think I'd plan on at least twice this per person for anything more than a dainty treat.  So simple, with no fancy steps and only using ingredients I have on hand all the time.  Try them!  I think I might make them for Alek (and sub fruit for the syrup).  I might need to call them fancy egg circles so he doesn't think I'm getting soft and letting him have pancakes.

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Greg said...

Excellent idea, thanks for being adventuresome! We will try this..