Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Strength Program: Day 1

Photo of last night's class (from Tim). I'm in the back, in the red shirt.

Summer Strength Program: Day 1

Back squats at 80% (125#):
3 every minute for 8 minutes

By round 4, my third rep was suffering (not getting full depth) and I couldn't get the last set at all, legs were shaking too badly. Probably should have gone a little lighter...


5X5 at 80% (went just under with 85#)

All were power cleans. These went pretty well, given how tired and shaky I was from the back squats! Could probably have done a little more weight, 90 or 95#, but I was trying to work on the shrug, and it's hard to fix form when it's too heavy.

If yesterday was any indication, this summer strength program is going to be tough! But I had fun. It felt good to push myself in a non-metcon kind of way. I'm looking forward to more tonight. And I'm eager to see some progress over the next couple of weeks.

It's always nice to get some love from the blogosphere. Thanks, Laura! And I am totally going to try your coconut flour pancake recipe.

My Battle with Dairy

I may not have been entirely forthcoming on the blog, but I've had an ongoing battle with dairy. As a good Paleo girl, I should just stay away from it and that's it. But there is some disagreement in the broader primal community about the role of dairy, and I love(d) it so much, I wanted to find some way to keep some dairy in my diet.

Pluses of including dairy
  • It is so tasty
  • Opens up more options when dining out
  • Allows you to be more gourmet
Minuses of including dairy
  • Casein causes lots of problems
  • Lactose causes lots of problems
  • Spikes insulin and makes you hungry
I don't know, that's not an easy call. So I've been experimenting over the last year to see what I can include. The thing is, I'm really frickin' lactose intolerant. Ways I've tried to game the system:
  1. No ice cream, only the smallest size of whole milk lattes, cheese in small amounts, butter and heavy whipping cream (they have almost no lactose or casein)
  2. No milk at all, cheese in small amounts, butter and heavy whipping cream
  3. Only lower-lactose cheeses (e.g., parmesan, feta), butter, and heavy whipping cream
  4. Only goat cheese (lower lactose/casein than cow's milk), butter, and heavy whipping cream
But I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that anything more than a negligible amount of lactose and casein makes me feel bad. Butter and heavy whipping cream do not seem to cause any problems at all for me. So all dairy except for these two is now OUT. It's not worth the discomfort! I'll try integrating more coconut milk to give myself more options. Plus there's a lot of gourmet stuff you can do with butter and cream.

Links Finally, a happy 37th anniversary to my parents! I'll send you some virtual flowers (wild roses from California):


Bluescaptain Joe said...

Alizon got me started on coconut milk ice cream, and now I actually prefer it to real ice cream. It doesn't make me feel all gross and sick afterward, and it tastes as good, if a tiny bit different.

Mike said...

Joe, watch out, that coconut milk ice cream is often sweetened with "healthy" agave syrup which is actually worse for you than high fructose corn syrup: HFCS is 55% fructose, agave is 90%.

Don Wiss said...

Yes, agave "nectar" should be called High Fructose Agave Syrup, as that is what it is.

I tried the coconut ice creams. They are good, but awfully sweet. And by giving up all sweets on the diet one loses the desire for sweet foods, which is good. I tried the plain coconut yogurt, but again it was too sweet for me. So what I have settled for is So Delicious's Plain Coconut Kefir. It has a nice sour taste. There is plenty of fat and it is filling. It can be used as a topping and mixes in well with spicy dishes to tame them.

Blogspot doesn't let you put your homepage behind your name. So here's my page: Paleo diet explained.

Amy said...

Thanks, Don. I should try the kefir, love sour! And fat!

And Joe, I'm with you on the coconut ice cream. Ice cream made me sick for so long, and it got worse so gradually, that I didn't realize I was lactose intolerant, just thought it was like that for everyone. The coconut stuff is a real find, just keep it as a treat and keep the portions smallish.

Julie Petro said...

Late to this party, but Mark Sisson has a good recipe for Coconut Ice cream in his Primal Blueprint Cookbook. Of course, you'd need to purchase an ice cream maker (about $40? $50?) but if you're a big ice cream buff, it might be worth the investment. His version is very low sugar. I think it calls for a tablespoon or so of maple syrup, but I'm sure you could even skip that. Coconut is pretty sweet, or at least it is to me after having eaten Paleo for awhile. Yay Paleo!

Paleo eating, to me, has often meant I'm making my own versions of some of the foods I used to really like. More work, for sure, but I'm slowly getting accustomed to that.

Amy said...

Thanks, Julie! Mark's Daily Apple (Mark Sisson's blog) has a ton of good recipes - I imagine the ones in his Primal Blueprint are the cream of the crop. Are you the Julie I lifted with today?

Julie Petro said...

Yes I am! Thanks for all your help today - today was the first actual workout I have done post-intro skills class. I love your blog! I have been working on a blog too - kind of in "stealth" mode" for a month or two more until I have some good content on it. It's about "adventures of paleo living, as told by a fine art painter."

See you at the gym! :)