Thursday, April 8, 2010

Affiliate Cup Tryout Workouts

No workout today because I'm resting up for Affiliate Cup Tryouts on Saturday. There's pretty much no way I can make the team, but I want to try out anyway to get one of the alternate spots. Plus who could resist doing these three workouts (all in less than 3 hours)?
FCF Affiliate Cup Tryouts
Saturday, April 10th at 10:30am
Workout 1
AMRAP in 10:00

2 muscle ups/ 6 pull-ups
4 deadlifts 275/180#
Sprint 150

Workout 2

150 wallballs for time (20/14#, 10/8' target)

Workout 3
10:00 to get:

3 max rep pull-up attempts

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work to start a major spring cleaning effort. It's a big house and it's dirty. Wish me luck!

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Hunkie said...

Good luck with the tryouts. The workouts look killer!!! My legs feel like woody tree stumps today from all the workouts this past week. Maybe I will stop in to witness some of the pain. :)

Have fun!!!

Amy said...

I'm debating whether to do the deadlifts as Rxd. It's right at the edge of what I can do...

I think I know why you're sore, Katie. Because you've been kicking ass! Nice job on those OHS yesterday! Hope to see you Saturday. It'll be fun. I love doing crazy stuff like three workouts in a row.