Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still alive

Don't worry (Mom), I'm still alive.  Just didn't feel like writing the past few days.  A couple of short nights in a row and my brain kind of turned off.

I've been knitting (and blocking), reading, lifting, and I even got a couple of climbs in the other day.  I'm glad to be training again, and I'm determined not to miss a day.  It's a four-week program, three days a week.  It does take more effort to get in to the gym and manage trading off Alek with Mike now that I don't have any childcare.  I hope to be coaching again soon, though it makes my head hurt just to think about how I'm going to manage that with no toddler-free time.  Maybe weekend hours?  A super-flexible sitter who only needs a few hours per week but wants more later?  We'll see.  Plans are progressing on the gym, but commercial real estate - gahhhh.  Glad we have a good agent to go to bat for us.  Just taking it a day at a time and seeing what opportunities open up.  I did sign up for the next level USAW course.  Looking forward to it - the first one was so great.


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Jane said...

Thank you, Amy. I know your life is pretty hectic - that's to be expected with an active two year old boy in the house! I know I'm a worry wart - this mom thing doesn't go away just because your kids are grown up.