Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oops, two weeks went by kind of fast

Yikes, it's been two weeks since I posted.  I've been actively avoiding the blog, no idea why.  I guess I'm feeling a bit scattered lately and I didn't feel like I could write anything good.

I've been more social than usual, which has been great, and I've been reading a lot.  I did a bunch of mindless knitting, replacing all my dishcloths with big stack of the same pattern, making them from my cotton leftovers.  I am still making progress on my yellow lace shawl, almost done with the center and ready to move on to the edging. And I've been making slow progress on a red pullover, mostly due to not working on it very much.

Battles with the 2.5-year-old continue.  We have good days and bad days, but there are always battles.  It wears me out.  I'm also about 5 weeks back in to training.  It's only 3 days a week, but it certainly makes you more tired than being really sedentary!  It feels good to be weightlifting with other weightlifters again.  I have some technique issues to iron out, but overall I feel like it's going well and I'm enjoying the process.  I'm not feeling any pressure to compete anytime soon, so it's just about making slow improvements and moving in the right direction.  We're still working on a space for our gym, no news yet.  I'm anxious to get started on that adventure, but we have to secure a space first!  Cross your fingers for me that it works out soon.

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