Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Small sweater (another Flax)

A small finished project: Flax, in size 6-12 months, in sunflower gold Cotton Fleece.  Several modifications - subbed YO, K2tog lace for the purl rows on the shoulder, and used it at the bottom instead of ribbing.  Shortened the sleeves to make it more practical to get on a squirmy baby, and maybe more appropriate for summer.  The baby this is intended for is 4 months now, so this is on the big side, but it should fit her in a few months and hopefully for a while.  Flax is a nice basic pattern for a top-down raglan.  It's the same pattern I used for Alek's long-sleeve sweater (size 2-4, no mods), and I started a third for me, in red Suri Merino with no garter section (all stockinette) and a roll neck instead of ribbing.  Big sweaters take a lot longer than tiny ones, so even though I've been knitting on it furiously for a day or so, it still isn't close to finished.  Imagine that!

I was so thrilled to get comments yesterday!  Thank you for reading!  Books really are a fun topic to write about.



Jane said...

I know comments from your mom aren't exactly exciting, but I really like that little yellow sweater. What a great gift for a little girl!

Amy said...

Thanks, Mom! I think it will look so cute on her.