Thursday, March 13, 2014

I need to learn

There are some days where I just can't get anything done.  It takes all my energy just to get through the morning, then during Alek's nap, I berate myself for sitting in a chair and knitting, reading something light, or just zoning out or browsing the internet.  Then he wakes up, I have the whole afternoon and evening of toddler insanity in front of me, and oh crap, I haven't even made a dent in my list.  But every time I have a day like that, the next day goes so much better.  I feel a normal human amount of energy, I get through that to do list and more, I think more clearly, I have more patience.  Why?  Because that lost, lazy, foggy downtime is actually time to recharge.

Time to recharge, mentally and physically, is essential for everybody.  It is essential AND hard to come by for someone who spends all their time taking care of a 2-year-old.  Yes, that applies to me.  I need to remember that it actually works and that it's important, even if it seems like I'm wasting time.  It will make the next day better.

Yesterday was the crap recharge day.  Today is the better day.  Hey, I even have enough energy to blog.

Here are my finished vacation socks.  Started them in Florida, finished them a few days after I came home, took over a week to sew in the last end and take a picture.  I usually give away most of what I knit, but these are mine all mine.  I love them.

With one thing off the needles, I started a new project that I'm slightly obsessed with.  It's a Wingspan scarf in some 100% rayon in a variegated pink and purple that I rescued from a sale bin years ago.  This is also mine all mine.  

But the pattern is so fun that I bought some cotton fleece to make 2 more as gifts!

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