Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guilty as charged

A  recent smackdown from the Yarn Harlot has me feeling super guilty.  I almost never block my knitting.  I do block lace and baby sweaters, but that's about it.  Aside from the occasional lace thing or blanket, I usually only knit small accessories: scarves, hats, socks, a mitten here or there, and plenty of dishcloths.  And I usually talk myself out of the need to block them.  I know it would look better if I do.  I know better!  But I'm such a process knitter, I don't think that much about the finished product, unless it's a gift.  And I rarely block gifts either.  Oh, and as for that lace?  I currently have 3 lace scarves that I have knit over the last year or so just sitting in a basket because I haven't gotten around to blocking them.  Oops!

But I can change!  The arguments YH laid out are very compelling, and I would like my finished products to look better.  Plus I'm trying to make more sweaters, and I know blocking is critical for those, so I should practice on smaller/simpler things.

Today I'm blocking an undyed alpaca garter stitch triangle scarf/shawl thing I made a few months ago.  I was already wearing it unblocked, but hopefully I'll like it even better now.  I'll spare you the awful basement laundry room blocking picture I took and get some after pics in daylight.  Look for a parade of blocked, finished, new lease-on-life knits in my next couple of posts!

On another note, I'm training again!  I'm on a program!  I have a coach!  And people to lift with!  Can you tell I'm excited?  All I can say is, sometimes things work out the way they should, even if it takes a while.


Bluescaptain Joe said...

It's so odd, because I really hate social interaction at the gym. I consider my most successful trips there to be when I can enter, exercise, and leave without speaking a word to anyone or anyone speaking to me. I just plug in to a podcast (such as the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project) and zone out.

Do you think it has anything to do with our opposite extro/introversion?

Also, when you own a gym, are you going to install hand dryers and allow old men to use them to dry their privates? Because I would oppose such a thing vehemently, having seen it first-hand at the YMCA a few weeks ago.

Amy said...

The gym is one of the only places where I get to make friends and talk to people. No job, no social life, and I'm no good at the playground Mommy scene. When I'm actually lifting, it's solitary, but before/after it's nice to have adult people to speak to and smile at. And people to exchange cues/strategy/lifting info with. And after a lot of time training on my own and having people look at me like I'm weird, it's just nice to have other people doing what I'm doing. Weightlifting is just so hard, it can be impossible to make yourself do that next set, but if you're there with your team, you're all suffering together and you do what you have to do. Also, no hand dryers. Ick.