Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New sweater!

Last night I finished the little sweater for Alek, and he's wearing it today.  I was afraid he would hate it, but he loves it.  Whew!  I made the size 2-4, and either my gauge was off or my kid is huge, because this just fits him now at 2 and a half.  I have a little yarn left over, so I may add a little length to the bottom and sleeve hems.  Mike saw it and for the first time ever thought he might like a hand knit sweater.  The pattern is Flax (free on Ravelry) and the yarn is Knit Picks Shine (a cotton/modal blend).  Harder to work with than wool, but it's machine washable and has a very nice drape to it.  

Next up is to finally finish the red Heartwood shawl.  I'm so close.  I also want to knit a new hat for myself (I may rip out and reknit an old one), and I want to make a cardigan for myself (Harvest, from the same collection as Flax), and I still have a ton of acrylic to knit hats for charity.  BUT - the Olympics start in TWO days, and I need to cast on for my Olympic project.  I have two contenders - a fine-gauge sweater kit or an Estonian lace shawl.  Originally I thought the sweater, but I'm thinking with the Olympics being in Russia, the Estonian lace seems more in the spirit.  I started it years ago, in the early days of this blog, but I can't remember where I was in the pattern, and I didn't get very far anyway.  I'm thinking of just ripping out what I have and starting over.  That will save me from crazy differences in gauge anyway, since I knit a lot looser than I used to.  Sounds like I'm talking myself into it, doesn't it?   

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