Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A cheer-up hat

My last post was a little gloomy, but I made it through a tough week and I'm feeling better now.  The winter is dragging on, so what better to lift my spirits than a bright little baby hat?  Making up the pattern as I go, using up some very soft superwash wool leftovers in blue, green, and yellow.  It's for a friend whose shower I can't attend, so in my place I'll send some handknit love for the new baby-to-be.  It's not teeny tiny, because I want it to fit next winter when the little head will be a little bigger.

I learned a new cast-on at community knitting last night.  Well, I didn't learn it - I half-tried and couldn't get it right away so I let it go.  But I tried again today with this hat and it just clicked into place.  It's called the Old Norwegian cast-on, and it's a bit complicated but really nice.  Funny how it just needed to marinate in my brain overnight.  Knitting is repetitive and you can learn a few basics and do lots of things with them, but it's fun to shake it up and learn something new now and then.

Next week Alek and I are going away to stay a few days in a warm place, yay!  I haven't seen the ocean in several years, and Alek has never seen it.  Should be an adventure and some much-needed sunshine and R&R for us both.

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Shannen Bananerzz said...

I need a summer hat got any ideas for a novic knitter? Right now I'm working on a square by square blanket on straight knit.