Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yarn bowl

I was getting made at my yarn ball rolling away from me, and then all of a sudden, I remembered - I have a yarn bowl!  Isn't it lovely?  Not practical for travel or if you're just moving around the house a lot with your knitting, or if you're working with multiple colors, but for this project, for right now, it was perfect.

What is this project?  Well, I ripped out a scarf that was unwearably long and skinny and started making a garter, log-cabin style square.  I'll just keep going and going until it's a size I like or I run out of yarn.  Then I'll pick up stitches on one end and make another square out of all the leftover bits of sock yarn I have.  Then I'll stuff it and seam up the other three sides and Alek will have a new pillow!  And I will make use of all those too-small-to-use leftover balls of sock yarn.

I do have plans for a more ambitious project for the Olympics.  It's a sweater kit out of doubled laceweight that I ordered years ago, shoved in a drawer, and forgot about.  I may need to buy one or two needles, but other than that, it's an already-paid-for project.  All about using what I have right now, since we're on a tight budget these days.

Speaking of which, my farewell lunch at work is scheduled for Thursday.  Then Friday I'll go in and take care of the exit paperwork.  And then it's really over.  Wow.  In the last week I got two emails to review submissions to conferences and two invitations to relevant conferences.  I turned them down, and I'm realizing I'm really out of this game.  I know I'll be able to use my neuroscience and psychology training in my future endeavors, but not in the specific/academic/research sense anymore.  I'm not sure I ever belonged in that sphere.  I always felt like I was faking it.  This feels like the right move, even if I didn't choose it.

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