Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vegetable soup with leeks and ginger

I made a really simple vegetable soup yesterday.  It turned out so good, I thought I'd share the sort-of recipe.

Chop a bunch of veggies really small.  I used mushrooms, celery, a leek, and carrots.  Leeks are the magic soup vegetable that will make any soup taste amazing.  Put the vegetables in a pot with some fat - I used bacon fat.  Don't be afraid of bacon fat.  It will make you strong and also smart.

Cook the vegetables on medium heat until they get soft.  Add some broth (I used chicken broth), water, and a can of tomatoes.  I also added a bunch of salt and a little bit of ginger and garlic powder.  Cover and cook on low for a long time, at least an hour but more is better.

So simple, but very comforting.  The ginger and garlic combo gave it a really nice depth of flavor.  I just made a little but you could scale it way up to feed a crowd.  I think it would make a nice meal with some sliced cooked sausages and chopped leafy greens thrown in for the last 10 minutes of cooking.

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