Monday, January 27, 2014

Purple socks

Purple socks finished.  They're a little big, but I think a few trips through the wash may shrink them a bit.  I like making ankle socks because sometimes wool can make my skin a little itchy, especially my shins.  These don't touch my shins, so no itch.  They're also a lot faster than taller socks!  And they don't take much yarn - I only had 50 grams of the purple and I wasn't sure that would be enough for two socks, so I made the inch of ribbing at the top in some leftover gray.  Turns out I would have had enough, but you don't want to get 1.5 socks in and realize you're short.  I made a lot of gift socks for Christmas, so it's nice to have a pair for me!

Saturday we went for a long walk because it was so warm and sunny.  It's gray and snowing out today.  Things do change quickly in Colorado in the winter!  To be happy living here, you kind of just have to embrace ALL the weather.

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