Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nine hats

In my spare time in the last month or so, I kept busy knitting children's hats.  Not all the time, just when I needed a quick, easy project.  Moving the last stuff out of the mountain house, I found a medium-sized box of acrylic, so this is how I'm using it up.  I was just throwing them into a bag and forgetting about them, but I counted yesterday, and there are nine hats!  I'll turn them in tonight at Community Knitting and they'll go to local children's charities (Clinica is the main one).  It's not like I'm doing any kind of grand gesture - I like making them - but it feels good to know I can help keep a little head warm.

I always have high hopes for my monthly outing to Community Knitting, but I'm just too awkward and don't make any friends there.  I keep going, though, because I like the cause, I like trying new patterns, I like the woman who runs it, and once in a while I end up having a nice conversation with someone.  It's really, really hard to make friends as an adult.  I feel like it's so rare I find someone I have much in common with.  I'm lucky, I'm married to my best friend, but I miss having friends that are women.  I think when most women reach their 30's they are closed off to making new friends because they already have all the friendships they need.  I wish that weren't the case.

Well, I haven't addressed the fit part of knitfit in my return, and that's probably because I'm not very fit right now.  Too much going on, way too much stress in the last few months, and I've barely been training.  And now that I'm on full-time childcare I have no hope of getting to the gym most days.  But Mike bought me some kettlebells, so I just started a program of 30 goblet squats a day to rebuild my strength.  If I do the work every day, I should move in the right direction.  I'm still able to get in to the gym to lift at least once a week, so I run through some snatches and/or clean and jerks and then do some squats and maybe some pull-ups.  Nothing fancy these days, just the basics.  Looking forward to making some progress.

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