Monday, January 20, 2014

Heartwood Cape

Hey, I'm here again!  I'm showing a close-up of the Heartwood Cape that I'm working on.  The yarn is Plymouth's suri merino, a worsted weight 55/45 alpaca/wool that I rescued from an unfinished sweater.  The pattern is basically a big lace rectangle that you graft into a poncho.  And it's really a dark red, not the weird magenta you see above.  I think the little peaks look like mountains.  Curious to see what the finished product looks like, but in the meantime, the lace pattern is easy to memorize and very entertaining.  If I stop getting distracted with other projects, I can finish this pretty soon.  After Heartwood, I'm thinking about taking on a much more challenging lace project (think Estonian).  I've had a few starts and stops, but think I may finally have the brain power available.  Stay tuned.

Today is the day I go in and finish cleaning out my office.  My poor little office plants need to come home.  I think this will feel good.  Aside from sorting through some electronic files, filling out exit paperwork, and sending my farewell email, this is the last thing I need to do in the office.  I need the closure!  Ready to move on to other things.

I will miss the money.  But mostly my salary went to pay the mortgage on the unsellable house in the mountains.  We finally sold it (at a big loss) just in time for me to lose my income, so we're going from having to be very careful with money to ... having to be very careful with money.  No break.  But hey, we're used to it.  I'm just trying to go along with it, be careful but not anxious.  Money isn't everything, and it really isn't worth the unhappiness that my job caused me.  I just feel so lucky to get to spend lots of time with my little one.  He is a gift.

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Bluescaptain Joe said...

I feel like a terrible brother for not knowing that you weren't happy with your job.

In other news, we got a food dehydrator. I have plans to make paleo "bachelor chow" (like Fry on Futurama was eating). Sort of like human-kibble. Sounds awful, huh?