Thursday, February 7, 2013

Big boy, new yarn

I made a trip to the local yarn store yesterday.  The bright green and blue on the left are good-quality acrylic for some extra community knitting kids' hats.  The gray wool is super soft and it's for sleeping pants for the little man.  This pattern but I'm going to make the waist ribbing longer, and I may add a drawstring as well.  The dark green yarn is some organic cotton for a facecloth.  Dark so makeup won't stain it.  

The dishcloths pictured I made on Superbowl Sunday.  I actually finished the big one Monday, I think.  My well-used dishcloth collection is aging, and some of the older ones are finally disintegrating, so I figured I'd make some new ones as I feel inspired. 

And enjoy pictures of my little guy.  He is getting so big!  In these pictures, he is protesting his morning nap despite being very tired.  That is happening a lot lately. 

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