Friday, September 7, 2012

Push the fridge over

Today's workout: try to push the fridge over. 

Just kidding. 

Today's Oly workout:

Barbell complex:
1 squat snatch
3 heaving snatch balance


then 10 singles of squat snatch at 65#, rest ~45 sec in between

then AMRAP in 7 minutes:
5 power snatch 55#
5 heaving snatch balance
5 back squat, snatch grip
5 burpees

got 2 rounds plus everything but burpees on the last round

I took it pretty light today because my left wrist is still bothering me.  OHS were a bit painful so I subbed back squat on the AMRAP.  And I'm taking a time-out from knitting because it seems to aggravate the wrist.  :(  Crochet is still a go though.  So hopefully I'll make some good progress on my crochet blanket.


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