Friday, September 14, 2012

Oly and links

Today's Oly workout:

5 rounds of:
1 muscle snatch
1 power snatch
1 squat snatch

3 single power snatches

3 rounds of 1 power snatch, 1 squat snatch, 70#

AMRAP in 7:00:
1 power snatch 65#
1 squat snatch
5 squat jumps
5 burpees
(got 6 rounds)

2 rounds of 10 good mornings with the bar (subbed for sots press to save wrist)

Then I went to work, then I went climbing for an hour.  There was a fun 5.10 that I almost got, but my forearms were so burned out, I couldn't hold onto the wall at the end.  I'll try it again soon!

If all goes as planned, tomorrow is the big Ikea trip.  I'm unreasonably excited to get some more storage for the office.  Hopefully Mike and I don't fight like in that 30 Rock episode. 


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