Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finally a metcon

Yesterday's workout:

Front squat 4x5 at 95#

(Was supposed to be 5x5 but tendonitis in my wrist cut it short)


Scaled version of "Holleyman":

15 rounds for time of:

5 wall ball, 8#
6 parallette push-ups
85# power clean, 1 rep

Not sure what my time was because the timer got reset - I think it was around 16 minutes.  I felt wrecked after - so not used to the metcon!  I'm thinking about maybe going a little gung ho on metcons for a while, see if I can get my enthusiasm back.  Not too crazy, maybe 3 a week.  Need to figure out my schedule, that has been the biggest problem.  Also, I have been lazy.  Ugh.

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