Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Embracing my inner nerd: immersion

Yesterday's workout (on my own):

85-95-105-115-125-130-missed 135#


I'm working on getting my pull-ups back in shape - they're nowhere near where they used to be.  But not too bad - that ladder adds up to 25 of them.  More than a handful.  Gotta keep at it, they'll come back.  The squats went well but I couldn't quite get that last one. 

Today's Oly workout:

3 triples of jerks off the rack

5 doubles of jerk

6 rounds of 1 jerk every 30 seconds at 85#

then the same thing at 75#

then 5 rounds of:
5 clean pulls 95#
5 burpees

I kept the jerks light-ish to go easy on my wrist.   Good day, not too hard. 

Today is a rare rainy Colorado day.  Nice for hanging around the house and being cozy and drinking coffee.  I like rainy days, find them very relaxing. 

Lately I've been thinking about the idea of being true to yourself.  I have realized more and more that I am a full-blown nerd.   I like to spend time by myself, reflecting and learning and obsessively pursuing my interests.  The fact that I have a blog and am going on 4 years of consistent posting shows how compulsive I am!  Rather than fight it, I'm trying to embrace this part of my personality.  After all, it helped me be successful in school and gives me the dedication and work ethic to get real enjoyment from my interests (e.g., knitting, lifting). 

I think about what I want for my son, and what I want most is for him to be comfortable with who he is and to use his strengths to live a full and satisfying life.  So I want to set an example for him.  I just recently made this shift in mindset, and I'm already feeling calmer and more productive.  I'm not dragging my feet on work projects - I'm finding the most compelling aspect of them and then diving in to the details, immersing myself a little more.  I think an important piece of this shift is to give myself larger chunks of time to work on things, whether it's researching a knitting project idea, reading a book, writing a blog post, or cranking on a spreadsheet for work.  Of course, that's difficult with a young baby, but he does take naps and he goes to bed early.  I guess the main thing is that I'm trying to do more immersive work and less shallow multitasking, because that's what I find more fulfilling and what suits me.  My first year of motherhood I have felt very scattered and time-pressured.  It is time to take a step back and do what works for me.  I'll have more thoughts on this later.

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