Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Training update

A bunch of training stuff to catch up on today. 

Today was Oly class and we worked on snatches.  I got 2 pretty 75# snatches in a row (5# under my current max), catching both in the bottom of the squat.  That's a big step for me - I always ALWAYS power snatch when it gets heavy, and I've been working hard in Oly class to get more comfortable catching in a lower position.  This is nice progress. 

Yesterday we did Isabel, one of the CrossFit benchmark workouts. 
30 snatches for time 60#

I was pleased with this - it was a light enough weight to go really fast but not trivially light.  We also worked on GHD situps, a new one for me.  I'm not a fan of situps, but these were more of a core stabilization and leg-firing exercise, much more useful and technical than a regular situp. 

I also got to test my max deadlift and max back squat since my last post.  Max deadlift actually showed up in the WOD last week.  We were supposed to do a sequence:
5 at 60%
3 at 70%
2 at 80%
2 at 90%
1 at 95%
1 at 103%

So I based it on 175# and worked up to 180 for my last rep.  I got it no problem, so I figured I'd try 185, then 190, and finally 195.  I got them all!  I think I could have gotten 200, but I ran out of time.  I'm so pleased that the linear progression worked and I got so much stronger.  I was prepared for maybe 185, but this was more than I had hoped for. 

On Sunday I tested my max back squat, and my sequence was similar:
5 at 65#
5 at 85#
3 at 105#
2 at 115#
1 at 125#
1 at 135#
1 at 145#

Then I tried 150#, but it wasn't happening and I bailed at the bottom.  Kind of a bad bail too - bumped my elbow and rolled the bar down my back.  Ouch!  But I'm fine.  I knew better - wasn't feeling 150 and should have listened to my body, but it's a good reminder to be a little more careful, even when going for a max effort.  Like with the deadlift, my max of 145 was more than I had hoped for - was thinking it would be 125, maybe 135. 

Overall, my summer linear progression plan worked great!  I got from 175# to 195# on deadlift and from 115# to 145# on back squat.  I am within spitting distance of my pre-baby PRs (205# and 165#), even with my knee not quite at 100%.  Setting a goal and working towards it really works.  I feel much stronger and more confident than I did at the beginning of the summer.

What's next?  Well, I need to test my front squat max and then based on that number I'll start a 4-week front squat progression.  Plus I'm working on core (OHS, TTB, handstands) on open gym days.  And I need to sprinkle in some work on pull-ups (all kinds!).  I'm formulating a plan to work on pull-ups.  I need something really concrete that will keep me on task. 

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