Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Use It Up challenge

Yesterday's Oly workout:
Barbell complex:
1 power snatch
1 snatch balance
1 overhead squat



8 times through the same complex at 60#, with a minute rest in between


AMRAP in 5 minutes of:
5 burpees
5 power snatch 55#

I got 4 + 1.

Kind of a rough day - the snatch balances were giving me trouble and my wrists were hurting.  But I got good depth in the OHS - knee is finally almost full ROM. 

The Use It Up challenge

Since we moved to a smaller space, downsizing from 2400 square feet plus a cabin to just under 1000 and a one-car garage, I've been working on downsizing my stuff.  I've been through it all many times, paring down.  But beyond just getting rid of stuff, I've been focusing lately on using stuff up.  When I had plenty of room, it was no big deal to have big stacks of books I could get around to reading some day, boxes of toiletries from hotels, tons of extra yarn, a full pantry.  Now it just doesn't fit.  So I've been using up my little travel-sized lotions and soaps, reading the books that have been sitting around forever, knitting from the stash, cooking with extras from the pantry and not replacing toiletries and canned goods unless I know we're out or almost out. 

It's an interesting exercise.  It's consumption, technically, but it feels like I'm being less consumerist because I'm making do with what I have on hand and not buying more stuff.  For me, it's easy to fall into the trap of saving things for later (When I was a kid, my Halloween candy lasted for months), and then forgetting about it and letting it sit around, never to be enjoyed.  This use-it-up philosophy is helping me to enjoy what I have, and, since I'm also keeping an eye on what comes into the house, it has the side benefit of reducing the clutter. 

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