Monday, August 27, 2012

Oly Friday and the Colorado Open

Friday's Oly class:

2 doubles then 3 singles of muscle snatch
45-45 50-55-60#

2 doubles then 3 singles of power snatch
65-65 70-72.5-75#

2 doubles then 3 singles of squat snatch
65-65 70-72.5-75#


30 double unders
5 muscle snatch 55#
20 double unders
5 power snatch 70#
10 double unders
5 squat snatch 70#

I was able to get the 75# squat snatch again, just need to warm up to it.  An important cue I learned this week was to look straight ahead.  If I do, it's much easier for me to catch it in the squat.  If I look down during the lift, I usually miss it.  It helped me a lot for the 70# squat snatches at the end of the workout, where I was a bit fatigued and had to do more reps in a row. 

Over the weekend we went to the Colorado Open at Front Range CrossFit, where Mike competed.  I only watched this year, but it was exhausting!  I thought all the workouts were interesting, and I particularly enjoyed how they set up the clean and jerk ladder.  Mike faces increasingly stiff competition at this event each year, but he always holds it together and pulls out a solid performance.  It's amazing to watch these athletes, but I don't feel like I'm one of them anymore.  I don't think I could have finished even one of this year's workouts in the time limits.  I am glad I got to participate before it got beyond my ability. 

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