Monday, August 13, 2012

Linear progression

Over the summer, I've been working on a linear progression for strength.  Every Sunday at open gym I do 5 sets each of squats (front squats one week, back squats the next) and deadlifts.  I started really low, I think around 75# for front squats, 85# for back squats, and 105# for deadlifts.  I should have written it down, but I've been terrible about keeping track.  Anyway, I added 5 pounds each week (based on what I remembered I did the previous week). 

I started with 5x5, then dropped to 5x3 when it got too hard.  Yesterday I did 5x3 back squat at 115# and 5x3 deadlift at 155#.  Both were tough but I was able to maintain form. 

The point of all this was to build strength to 1) get my 1-rep maxes up closer to where they were pre-baby and 2) feel more comfortable with multiple rep sets at heavier weights.  My pre-baby maxes were:
front squat 130#PR, most days could get 120-125#
back squat 165#, most days could get 150-155#
deadlift 205#PR, most days could get 190-195#

Before the linear progression, I had a 1-rep max of 175# on deadlift.  Not sure on either squat - because of my knee injury, I was going light, always under 100#.  So next week I'll test my 1-rep maxes on all 3 lifts.  I'm interested to see how the linear progression worked and where I am now. 

Next up is a 4-week core strengthening plan to improve my Oly lifts.  As prescribed by my coach:
Week 1: 5x5 front squat heavy
Week 2: 6x3 front squat heavier
Week 3: deload - 3x6 front squat at light weight
Week 4: work up to 1-rep max

Plus high rep, light weight OHS and handstand holds each week.  I'll try to keep better track of my numbers than I did for the linear progression! 

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