Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I've been up to

Well, mostly over the last month I've been toiling away on a big proposal.  That went out this week, much to my relief.  But there's been some other stuff too. 

My little guy has been doing a lot of this:

Because he's been tired from doing a lot of this:

I got some new pillow covers from Etsy.  (I love Etsy.)

And in my post-proposal fog, after catching up on the mountains of laundry and getting my filthy house marginally cleaner, I started wandering around looking for the right thing to occupy my overtired brain. 

About an hour later, I emerged from the fog to find I had made what you see above.  Crochet??  I haven't crocheted anything in probably 6 or 7 years.  Maybe this is what I need for recovery.  Very therapeutic. 

Oh yeah, I also have a weightlifting meet on Saturday.  I've been training when I wasn't childcaring or proposaling, so I should do all right.  My only goal is to do better than I did last meet (70#/95#).  I'm actually opening at 75#/95#, and I made both openers yesterday.  I'm feeling a lot stronger and faster than 3 months ago, my knee is better, and I've made great progress on snatch and clean (a little stalled on jerk), so I'm looking forward to seeing what numbers I can put up. 

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