Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two lists

Things I've accomplished:
  • Finished prayer shawl
  • Finished BIG gift for certain person who is getting married soon
  • Finished baby booties for family friend
  • Finally got a regular nanny/sitter schedule for the kiddo so I can get into the office more

Things I'm procrastinating:
  • Mail all that knitting to the appropriate people.  I HATE the post office.  They always yell at me.
  • Schedule a haircut.  Why does this always get away from me? 
  • Go to Costco.  I don't hate it as much as the post office, but it takes longer and I always feel like cattle at the stockyards when I'm there.
  • Get a whole bunch of work done.  Maybe getting in to the office will help this. 
  • Learn how to run.  Seriously, I just suck at running and I feel a little part of me die every time there's a WOD with running.  Today is Helen.  Time to learn.

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