Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer strength

I'm hoping to build some strength this summer.  Got a baseline today on two lifts, press and deadlift.  I got 68.5# on the press (pre-baby max was 70#) and 175# on the deadlift (pre-baby max was 205#).  Those have always been my two worst lifts, but my goal is just to get back to where I was.  You can work on strength, but you can't force it!  I'll make sure I'm doing as many lifting WODs as I can, and substitute the strength class for the Oly class once in a while.  I wish I could do an actual strength program like I did two years ago, but there's not a way to do that now.  So I'll just go with a strength bias this summer and see how it goes.

I started the shawl for my college friend who lost her husband.  I'm trying to put healing thoughts into it.  I love the vibrant blue color and the center line:


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