Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Something selfish

I've been knitting so much for others, I thought it was time to do a little selfish knitting. I started this simple ankle sock with some self-patterning yarn I've had forever.  (5 rounds of 1x1 ribbing, slip stitch flap heel, boring stockinette for the foot and regular toe.) There will be enough of the yarn leftover for yet another pair of little booties for a friend who's expecting a little boy in August.  I know I will see the little guy often, and we will have fun looking at our matching feet. 

I also totally want to jump on the Wingspan bandwagon (Ravelry link).  I know, as soon as the Yarn Harlot posts about a pattern, the internet explodes with people wanting to knit it too, but hey, she has good taste.  I don't want to knit EVERYTHING she knits, just most of it.  So after the prayer shawl (still waiting for the yarn to arrive), I'll probably cast that on. 

Oh, and I did finish the Big Project.  No pictures of it here until it reaches its new owners!  No spoilers!  I will say that it is very big.  It is quite possibly the biggest thing I have ever knitted.

I'm still working on fixing the knee.  It's doing better enough that I've been able to do squats again, though I have to keep them light to get full range of motion.  I have weird proportions for a weightlifter (very long femur, short torso), so I need to learn some better positioning on squats that takes that into account.  I really wanted to sign up for the Colorado Open (registration opened this morning and it's already sold out), but I can't go into a competition with an injury.  I need to be at 100 percent.  Hopefully next year!  There is another in-house weightlifting meet coming up in late June, so I'll do that. 

I have about a million links bookmarked, but I haven't gotten around to posting them lately!  Here are a few:

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