Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hung one more year on the line

It's official, I'm another year older.  Had a good birthday yesterday.  Highlights included:
  • Oly class with a post-baby PR on snatch (75#) 
  • Wrist wraps from Mike (for lifting)
  • New earrings from Mike, which I can wear in a year or two, when they cease to be the Best Toys Ever 
  • A Loopy Ewe gift certificate and a project bag from my mom
  • A Roots weightlifting team t-shirt and a new purse from the consignment store, from myself
  • A sushi roll and chocolate bar for lunch
  • An afternoon with a babysitter so I could get stuff done
  • Yummy smoked brisket from Whole Foods for dinner
  • Creme brule for dessert
  • The sweetest baby, who gave me lots of smiles and didn't puke on me once yesterday
Now that my  birthday debauchery is done, I'm getting serious about healing my knee, so I'm doing a one month low-inflammation diet.  The biggest changes are to lower my nut and chocolate intake and to completely cut out industrial seed oils, which means I need to stop eating out at restaurants.  I'll focus on making good food at home, lots of grass-fed and pastured meat and eggs, coconut products, fresh veggies and sweet potatoes.  No matter how good you are, every so often it's good to reset and really clean things up.  It's easy to let more and more slip.  The hardest part will probably be the no restaurant rule, but it's only a month, and Mike is doing it with me for solidarity.  In addition, I'll be spending more time on mobility work, including foam rolling, which is not my favorite!

If the IUD removal, dietary changes, and mobility work don't fix my knee, I'll look into surgery.  But I'm hopeful that I can get this under control without a scope, by reducing inflammation. 

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