Thursday, May 17, 2012

Healthy, easy paleo baby food

Today I'd like to share a few how-to's for healthy baby food.  What's a Paleo mom or dad to do without rice cereal, cheerios, and tiny Gerber jars?  If you don't eat food out of jars, why should your baby?  Because you're tired?  Don't worry, baby food is easy to make, and you can make a bunch up ahead and just heat up individual servings in the microwave.  Don't forget to add healthy fat to fruits or veggies to enhance the bioavailability of the nutrients.  Coconut oil is a no-fail, tasty addition.  Olive oil or grass-fed beef fat also work.  Don't forget to taste your creations.  If it tastes good to you, your baby will probably like it too!

Here's what I do.

  • Saucepan or microwave-safe glass or ceramic bowl
  • Stick blender, food processor, or blender (I have a Cuisinart stick blender)
  • Fork
  • Dedicated ice cube tray (I like the Orka tray
  • Freezer bags
  • Get the food soft (not necessary if it's already soft, like an avocado)
  • Blend or mash it up, with some fat and/or liquid
  • Freeze in ice cube tray
  • Pop out the cubes and store in a freezer bag
  • At mealtime, take out as many cubes as you need and thaw them in the microwave
 Some examples:

Apple.  Peel, core, and chop an apple.  Simmer it in water in a pan on the stove or steam it with a small amount of water in the microwave until the apples are soft.  Puree apples and liquid with a spoonful of coconut oil or coconut butter (YUM) until there are no lumps, and pour the mixture into the ice cube tray, and in a few hours you'll have yummy apple cubes, ready for thawing. 

Carrots.  I always have peeled baby carrots on hand and so the prep is minimal.  Steam or boil the carrots with a little water in a saucepan or in the microwave.  I use the microwave for these.  Puree them with a big drizzle of olive oil and some water or chicken broth.  Pour mixture into ice cube tray.

Butternut squash.  Cook the squash until it's soft - I like to cut it in half and roast it in the oven, but you could also cut it into chunks and boil or steam it in a pan on the stove, or steam it in the microwave.  Puree with coconut oil and water or broth.  Into the ice cube tray.

Sweet potato.  Pierce it and cook it in the microwave for about 5 minutes.  Puree it with some water or broth and coconut oil.  Ice cube tray. 

Roast beef or chicken.  You need some protein too!  I cook a grass-fed roast or high-quality chicken in the crockpot, until it is falling apart.  I roast it with just salt, pepper, and water and add sauces for the adults, but keep it plain for the kiddo.  Puree it with broth and fat from the crockpot.  Freezes very well into little meat cubes and thaws nicely.

Avocado.  This one is so easy.  Cut off a hunk of avocado, mash with a fork until it's a paste.  Kiddo loves them.  I haven't frozen these because I wasn't sure how well they'd hold up, and they're so easy to make on the cutting board when I'm making my dinner salad.  I've also tried cutting avocados and cucumbers into teeny tiny pieces for finger food. 

Banana.  See avocado, but because there's no fat, add in a bit of coconut oil.  But be prepared for banana mutiny!

Mango.  See banana.  Less mutiny on this one.  I've mixed 1/2 mango and 1/2 banana with some success.  I haven't frozen it but think it would freeze great.


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