Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catching up

It's been a whole week since I've written a blog post?  How does it get away from me like that? 

Been busy crossing stuff off the never-ending to do list. Kiddo has been teething so he's fussier than usual.  Work is good, not too busy but with some intermittent interesting stuff. 

Went to the annual library book sale and managed to come home with a reasonable number!  Regret not browsing longer, and the kids' books were pretty wiped out by the time I got there, but there were a few good finds.  After that sale, though, and seeing so many books in one place, I feel inspired to read again.  Or it may just be the warm weather! 

Workouts have been good, and I'm getting serious about healing my knee.  Some mobility work and a more aggressively anti-inflammatory diet.  Plus I decided to get my IUD out.  High copper levels have been linked to systemic inflammation and anxiety, and the copper IUD is probably the #1 way to raise your copper levels.  If you're thinking about the copper IUD and you have a history of anxiety or a pre-arthritic/repaired joint, you might want to re-think it or do some more research first.  I wish I had.  More info at Chris Kresser's site


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M said...

I appreciate seeing this. I had a copper IUD and decided to get it because I didn't want the hormones from Mirena (and the hormones were the problem I was fighting). It expelled after the first month. I was devastated (especially at the cost) but this helps me see that some long term consequences could have been worse, as I'm prone to bad anxiety. I did research before, but never thought of his site.