Monday, April 16, 2012

Good progress

Yesterday I went in for open gym, since I only made it in for one WOD last week.  I rowed two 500s to warm up and then did some snatch work.  I did 3 snatches every 2 minutes for 8 rounds, with 65#, then put another 5# on to see if I could do my current max (70) with good form.  I did!  And it felt light, so I'm definitely ready to go up to 75.  Next time. 

I also decided to up my gym membership to unlimited.  I really liked having the option to go in and work on my own, but I wouldn't want to waste one of my 3 days on that.  It's only a little more money, should be worth it.

I made progress on a few things that I wrote about last week.  I:
  • made an appointment for a haircut
  • scheduled the eye doctor
  • did some organization on my home office
  • read a book (the third in the Hunger Games trilogy, and it was draining)
  • I didn't get outside much this weekend, but I took a walk this morning
  • and I'm writing a blog post!

Today is my first day trying out the new feeding/nap schedule.  So far the little guy is not a big fan, but I did get him to settle down for quiet time in the crib, if not sleeping. 

 I'm making good progress on my current big knitting project - more than halfway now.   I'm kind of itching to work on something else, but I really want to knock this out first.

I guess this post is kind of random.  Oh well, I'll end with some photos from the walk I took this morning.

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