Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top ten things you can do to improve your health

I've been bad about blogging.  Today I want to write a quick post about health, so I thought, how about a top ten list?  You know you read those preachy ones in magazines and pamphlets all the time, but they always have things like wear SPF 2000 and do 18 hours of cardio a week, and eat oatmeal and lots of other bad or useless advice.  So here are my top ten things you can do to improve your health. 
  1. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.  You'll improve immune function, cognitive function, mood,  and reduce your risk for chronic health problems.  
  2. Cut out grains.  "Heart healthy"?  NO.  Gluten-containing grains are the worst for you, so take them out first.  But grains in general offer little benefit and tons of health problems.  Get them out of your life and replace them with real food.
  3. Get outside.  Vitamin D supports your immune system and protects against cancer.  Also, when you're outside you tend to be doing things, moving around, which is also good for you. 
  4. Learn how to use your body.  People of all ages get injured doing things like getting out of bed or picking up a grocery bag.  You can learn coordination and balance, how to move safely and with strength. 
  5. Build some muscle.  Our hunter-gatherer ancestors were strong.  They could move animal carcasses and build their own shelters.  It is the normal human condition to be strong, not weak.  You can start small, but build to lifting heavy things and you will see a huge improvement in your quality of life.  It'll do a lot more for you than running a marathon ever will. 
  6. Eat less sugar.  Seriously, no one's going to argue with this one. Say goodbye to soda. 
  7. Switch to grass-fed/pastured meat and wild-caught seafood.  Better for the environment, better for the animals, better for you.   
  8. Ditch artificial sweeteners, dyes, and preservatives.  Eat real food.  You deserve real food.
  9. Expand your horizons.  Push yourself to do something meaningful.  It might be in your work,your hobby, volunteering, traveling, or learning something new. 
  10. Get some down time.  Laugh.  Have fun.  Go on vacation.  Do nothing once in a while.  Even if you love work, if that's all you do, you'll drive yourself into the ground.


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