Wednesday, March 7, 2012



One thing  I love about knitting as a hobby is the practicality of it.  You need a new winter hat?  Dig in the stash, find a ball of wool, and make one.  You need an endless supply of spit rags and burp cloths and bibs to wipe up after your drooly, teething baby?  Knit some.  You need coasters for the coffee table that you need now that you are back to the old futon because the beautiful leather sectional and ottoman wouldn't fit in the door and the professional movers told you there was no way it could ever get into your new house?  Just knit a few squares in dishcloth cotton.  Took me about 2 days to get these done.  I want a set of six, and there are almost 5 in the picture.  I decided to go with a simple 2-color scheme (the orange matches the new couch that's arriving in 6-8 weeks) in mirror images.  Cast on 22 sts, knit 37 rows in garter, bind off.  Easy, practical, now I have coasters.

On Saturday I'm competing in a friendly, in-house weightlifting meet.  It's my first meet since last fall, and I'm not going anywhere near those numbers.  But a competition sounded fun, and I need to get back in the game sometime, better in a setting like this with no pressure.  Looking forward to it!

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