Monday, March 12, 2012

First post-baby weightlifting meet

Saturday was my first post-baby weightlifting meet.  It was fun!  Definitely felt good to get back into a competitive setting, even though it was super low key (as were my expectations).  I'm still working with the knee injury, so that limited my range of motion (could only power clean and power snatch and I felt a little iffy on my split jerk). 

I kept my openers pretty low, 70# on the snatch and 85# on the clean and jerk.  For snatch, I tried 75# twice and was really close but didn't quite get it.  For clean and jerk I tried and got 90# but missed 95# (again, close!).  So 3 for 6 lifts, and a total of 160#, or 121% of my body weight lifted (we did that instead of weight classes).  Not a bad meet, and it gives me a new starting point to work from.  Looking forward to putting in some hard work on Oly technique and strength building and seeing where I can go. 

I figure, how many new mamas are lifting heavy?  I feel good about it and I feel good about being on track with lifting again.  Other than the knee injury, I'm finally feeling like I have my old body back.  And it was nice to spend some time with my fellow athletes at Roots and cheer them on in a meet setting.  A cool group of people and lots of great efforts and camaraderie. 

One more thing - rushing back and forth between warm-ups, a fussy 6-month-old, and the platform lends a whole new challenge to a meet!  Go multitasking! 

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