Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Question and answer

Today's Oly class:

Power snatch (can't squat due to bad knee)
55-70#, technique work

Did a few with eyes closed as a proprioception drill.  Got me thinking - how badass would it be to do a meet blindfolded? 

I got a comment from reader Anne that I wanted to address in a post.  
I love following your blog. I too knit and Crossfit so I enjoy your perspective. Curious though, you have indicated that it wasn't working out at your previous gym? what happened? I often wonder if I'm at the right gym and wondered how you knew.

Thanks for reading, Anne!  I wish I could shed some light on the decision to leave a gym, but unfortunately the decision wasn't mine.  I was kicked out.  I decided not to discuss the details on the blog, and honestly, I'm still kind of fuzzy on how and why it all happened.  It was pretty devastating, because I was so dedicated to making it work.  But dedication isn't everything.  After all, Steve Jobs got kicked out of Apple. 

If you're not excited to go to the gym, it might not be the right place for you anymore.  If you have other gyms in your area that interest you, go check them out and see what the vibe is like there.  But don't let anyone push you in either direction.  It's a deeply personal decision.  People may make light of it, but your gym can be your social support network, your outlet, your refuge, your place to feel a sense of accomplishment.  I think knitters tend to be very focused, goal-driven, and often introverted people, so a CrossFit-type gym can bring out the best and worst of us, and can become very meaningful and central in our lives. 

Training should be joyful, something you do because you want to.  I got pretty driven and stressed out at my old gym and lost a lot of that joy.  I'm trying to get it back at the new place.  It's been difficult being the new kid and at the same time dealing with some injuries and all the challenges of being a new mom.  So I'm trying to be patient, gradually get to know people, and focus most on the parts that I really enjoy (lifting, strength, sprint workouts).  We'll see how it goes. 

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