Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pattern round-up and not quite finished socks

I've fallen off a bit on tracking my workouts but yesterday I got a 100# power clean, back to within 10 pounds of my max.  Good to make it back into triple digits!  My knee is still screwed up, though, so I'm just trying to be smart in workouts and not do anything to make it worse.  So I've been scaling and substituting and I don't really feel like writing up my workouts. 

I know this is supposed to be a knitting blog.  I do still knit.  I just don't get through much anymore - I wish I had more time to knit but I'm spread kind of thin these days.  These socks are in progress.  Just the foot left on the second one to go.  Hope to finish them soon. 

They're a little less blue and more pink than the photo shows.  The yarn is 100% superwash wool, very soft and stretchy. 

Ravelry has had some great patterns posted lately, and there's so much I want to knit.  So for next month or next year or whenever I get some time, here are some projects I've been considering:
Finally, here's a pic of the family from Saturday.  Mike is sweaty because he just did 7 minutes of burpees.  I did not do any minutes of burpees and that makes me happy.  I pretty much just do power cleans these days.  I may be biased but I think that sure is a cute kid. 

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