Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Friday's Power Hour workout:

Find GTO heavy single

90# power clean and split jerk


5 alternating rounds:
10-8-6-4-2 GTO 75% (65#)
2-4-6-8-10 jumping pull-ups

with 5 burpees between each round

12:?? A really fun one.  Was able to sprint it.

Today's WOD:

20 double unders
12 KTE
20 double unders
20 double unders
20 double unders
20 double unders

8:??  So excited to get my double unders back!  My knee is acting up though.  Not sure what is going on. It may just be inflammation from stress.  Going to be careful but keep it mobile. 


We moved over the weekend.  I'm mentally exhausted from all the packing, unpacking, categorizing, organizing, and trying to solve the difficult problems of downsizing.  It will take many passes through the stuff to get rid of enough and figure out where to keep the rest.  But the new place is nice and I love being in town.  Just a 15 minute drive to the gym, and I'm only 4 minutes from the grocery store!  When I drove home from the gym today the feeling of not having to go back up the mountain was such a relief.  There's still a lot of work to do at the mountain house, but that can wait till next weekend. 

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