Friday, February 17, 2012


Wednesday Oly class:

Split jerk off the rack

up to 90#


clean deadlifts and clean pulls at 85#

Today's WOD:

2 rounds of:

Run 400 m
9 x (1 pull-up, 1 ring dip)
Run 400 m
15 power clean/push press 55#

Took about 20 minutes but I skipped the runs on the second round so really a DNF.  Bad knee/bad runner even with a good knee.  But it was my first workout with unassisted kipping pull-ups.  I figured now was the time to try it, especially since I only had to do one at a time and 18 total.  Also went climbing right before the WOD, just easy stuff so I wouldn't get too tired.

My old gym is moving to a new location today.  Whatever, at least I never have to walk in there again and have all the memories come flooding back, of when it was a happy place for me.  When I walk into the new gym, it will be a place I've never been welcome so I don't have to feel so torn. 

My knitting goal today is to finish a sock.  Haven't had much time to knit anything with the move and I want to get something done.  It's a really nice sock and I'm close to finishing.  When it's done I'll make it a mate too.  I may even post a picture!


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