Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to the gym

I waited my two weeks, my back is better, and now I'm back in the gym.

Yesterday's workout:
3 strict presses on the minute for 12:00



7 rounds of:

7 deadlifts 85#
7 ring rows


Today's Oly workout
3 x (1 clean, 3 front squats)
3 x (1 clean, 2 front squats)
3 x (1 clean, 1 front squats)
1-1-1-1-1 clean



4 x (2 hang power clean, 2 hang squat clean)


Today Nicole posted about the importance of tracking your workouts, and I've been thinking about it.  I got myself into trouble before by sort of obsessively writing down every workout and analyzing them.  It got me in my own head too much and stressed me out.  So I was resisting the urge to record every workout.  But I like blogging about my workouts, and I think being able to follow my progress helps to motivate me.  I'll avoid analyzing what went well and what went badly, and how I could have done better.  Just the facts. 

My goal right now is getting stronger and fitter, getting back to where I was before pregnancy.  I want to take my time, do it right, be careful not to sacrifice form or risk (another) injury.  I just need to focus, but not the manic, stressed out kind of focus I've had in the past, but more of a calm focus.  Without the pressure on myself to go heavy in workouts right away. 

Exercise is what grounds me, and CrossFit is the most effective and motivational form of exercise for me.  So I won't be quitting anytime soon.  And soon I'll have a shorter commute to the gym - we found a townhouse in town and are hopefully moving sometime in February.  Back to civilization!  Looking forward to a fresh start in an awesome new location. 

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