Monday, January 16, 2012


Warming up on a super light deadlift Saturday I tweaked something in my right lower back.  So frustrating!  I could barely move on Saturday, couldn't even pick up the baby.  I felt a little better yesterday, and today my mobility is much better, though I'm still a bit sore and feeling off-kilter.  My post-pregnancy body is just not the same as my pre-pregnancy body (despite the hard work I've done).  My core is weaker, my hip flexibility is not the same, and there are some left-right imbalances. I tried to be careful but I guess I wasn't careful enough.  I just don't know my new body's cues.  Anyway, I'm taking at least a week off to heal. 

I'm set up in an armchair in the living room with my laptop, plenty of work to do, and a new project for when I need a break:

Pattern: 5th Avenue Infinity Scarf (Ravelry link)

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