Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mike's picks

One of the benefits of having a smart husband is that he sends me lots of interesting articles to read.  So I'll share some with you today:
And here are a few of my picks:

Also, today Alek is 4 months old!  He is celebrating by snuggling with his stuffed bunny and whining.  We are also listening to Sirius Jam On while I try to write a proposal I know nothing about.  He does not like the Disco Biscuits but I do.

I love being a mom.  Today he passed out after eating and then smiled in his sleep.  And I went from a sarcastic, educated adult to a sappy, cooing idiot.  Awww.  Really, even though he has his moments (screaming meltdowns), he's a great kiddo, very enjoyable.

You're getting so big, baby boy!  Happy 4 months! 

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Jane said...

I love this picture of my baby with her baby. Yes, being a mom is the best.