Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fast and free knitting patterns

The snow is falling (a lot of snow is falling), so even though the baby is asleep and I should be working, my mind started to wander to warm and wooly thoughts.  I started browsing the new patterns in Ravelry and found three simple quick patterns that are perfect for last-minute gifts.  And they're free!  For the first year in a long time I'm actually not knitting my Christmas gifts, but maybe I'll get a head start on next year.  Any knitter readers who are panicking about gifts, maybe this will help you out.

Remember, when a pattern calls for bulky or super bulky yarn and all you have in the house is worsted weight, you can always double or triple strand it! 


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you learned to knit. Did you teach yourself or take a class, or did someone teach you? I am trying to teach myself and I just bought a book and some yarn and needles. I am finding it a little difficult to learn the stitches from the pictures and was wondering if you had any suggestions. thanks.

Amy said...

I tried and failed to learn from a book. I ended up learning the basics - cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, from a friend and I'm self-taught on everything else. I'd recommend finding someone to show you or taking a learn-to-knit class at a local yarn shop. Or if you can't find someone and would rather not spend the money on a class, there are learn-to-knit demo videos on the web that would probably be clearer than static pictures.