Monday, December 12, 2011


A little catching up today:

Friday was lifting again - 1 rep max clean and jerk.  I worked my way up to 85# - the jerk was what limited me because I couldn't keep my core as tight as I wanted because of the ab separation.  But it was good to go a little heavy with low reps. 

Today was a named workout - Eva.  As prescribed, it is 5 rounds of run 800 meters, 30 KB swings and 30 pull-ups.  But I did half the reps/distance: 5 rounds of 400 meters, 15 swings and 15 pull-ups.  I went too light on the swings (only 8 kg, I could have easily done 12 or even 16), but I have been tending to go too heavy and so I went too far in the other direction.  Oops.  Used bands for the pull-ups too.  When my abs are healed I'll get to work on unassisted pull-ups.  Even with all that scaling, I did feel challenged, and it was a good workout.

I'm trying not to be too analytical about my workouts these days, but I'm also not feeling very motivated.  Do I need to be analytical to be motivated?  I don't know.  I feel kind of negative about it lately.  Just don't have the passion for it that I once did.  Maybe I'm just tired.  Maybe it's cortisol.  Maybe it's my wacked out hormones.  Maybe it's being at a new place - that I'm feeling like the new kid and I have a hard time making friends and fitting in.  Maybe it's just that everything is different. 

Anyway, before I wallow too much I'll switch topics to knitting.  I needed a quick knit this weekend to give me a sense of accomplishment, so I made father-son matching hats, a waffle texture beanie in blue wool.  They're very cute.  I think I'd make more of those beanies - they're quick and easy but interesting, and a good gift.  It took a little math to scale it to the baby size, but the decreases on top turned out looking just like the ones on the adult hat.  (link to the pattern on Ravelry

Some other things I've seen lately on Ravelry that I like (note: you need a Ravelry account to go to these links):
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