Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back to CrossFit

After much soul searching, I decided to start at a different CrossFit gym, CrossFit Roots.  Monday was my first day, and we did weightlifting (yay)!  I went again today, it was my first WOD in a long time, and it was HARD. 

Monday's workout:

1 rep max of: clean, bench press, and overhead squat

We worked up to it with a rep scheme of 5-3-2-1-1-1 for each lift.  I got 90#, 85#, and 70#, not near my previous maxes for those lifts, but I need to work back up to where I was!  Very happy with those weights for only 7 weeks post-partum.

Today's workout:

7 rounds of:

10 burpees
1 snatch - 55#

It took me 12:30 - I think I was the last one done in the class.  The burpees were really tiring because my abs are separated and my core strength is really lacking right now.  I'm getting physical therapy next week to address it.  The snatches weren't bad, but I need to work hard to get my technique back! 

I'm excited to get back to CrossFit.  It has been such a positive and inspiring thing in my life and I've missed not just the workouts but being a part of a community.  I hope Roots will be a good place for me.  I will try to keep a positive attitude and not get kicked out of this place.  

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