Monday, October 3, 2011


Trying to get back to blogging.  It seems every time I start a post I wander off and do something else, like change a diaper or fetch a pacifier.  All is going well with the baby.  He sleeps great, for long stretches at night.  He's a good eater and is growing well.  He definitely has his fussy periods and can scream outrageously loud, but for the most part he is happy and mellow.   I credit much of this with my diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding - this kid is getting the best nutrition I can give him and has from the beginning.  More on that later.  For now, I just want to ease in with some knitting.

My new fall scarf:: feather and fan pattern with narrow garter edging, made with some wool/nylon sock yarn.  This was about as complicated a project as I could handle the last couple weeks.  And it still took forever.

When the baby was almost a week  late, I was rather uncomfortable.  I may have gone a little crazy and decided that I could bribe him out by knitting him nice things.  I started with a cool stripey hat I found on Ravelry:

Then some colorblock booties:

A simple soft white hat:

Then I got ambitious and designed my own vest and knit it up in wool leftovers.  He was born the next morning.

Lesson learned.  He either likes vests or wants me to work hard. 

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