Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Knitting Update

Baby projects that need to be finished
  • orange tube socks (see above)
  • DK-weight Brooks Farm sweater (blocked, needs to be seamed)
  • MDK dark gray kimono (needs to be seamed and washed)
Other projects
  • green shawlette (almost finished, just need to do the edging and block it)
  • variegated premium yarn purple socks (not started, they will be my labor project)
  • log cabin blanket (yeah, still not finished)
  • Estonian lace shawl (setting aside until I attain some mental clarity)
  • Mike's fall hat (not started)
  • a new fall scarf and hat set for me (not started)
  • a sweater out of the Knitscene magazine I just bought (not started)
So plenty to keep me busy. I also picked up two knitting books on super clearance at Barnes and Noble the other day for...TWO DOLLARS each. Crazy. Chock full of patterns. I wouldn't have bought them at full price, but for two bucks, if I like just one pattern in the book it's worth buying. So I'm feeling a lot of knitting inspiration lately. Not doing much reading because I'm reading all day long at work and burned out on it by the time I get home.

Activity update

I'm trying to stay active without overdoing it, so I'm on the every other day plan. Yesterday I climbed, today I'm resting, tomorrow I'll lift. Not feeling super inspired to work out but I get too antsy if I don't do something.

Baby update

He's doing good, measuring on target and still super active. I guess he had a bit of a growth spurt over the last week. He gets the hiccups a lot, and I feel bad for him until he kicks me in the ribs yet again. Sleep is elusive. Heartburn and nausea are competing with shortness of breath for my current least favorite pregnancy symptom. At this point, EVERYONE wants to know his name, but I'm not telling. I'm ready to meet this little guy. Going to start taking evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea and doing lots of jumping jacks (sort of kidding about that last one).

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