Tuesday, August 30, 2011


We made it through the weekend (it was HOT), I didn't go into labor, and Mike did a great job with five grueling workouts in two days.

Here is serious Mike, focusing before the competition:

But it wasn't all serious business (so cute!):

On a related note, I had to include this photo of some tiny shoes we got as a gift for the baby. There is just something so sweet about little bitty shoes.


I was writing up some stuff for a friend who's trying a paleo experiment, and I stumbled across an idea - traps. Traps are things that derail you from your best paleo/primal intentions and keep things like weight loss and that magic promise of no hunger elusive. Here are four traps that I've identified in my 2+ years of paleo experimentation that keep people from achieving their goals.
  1. THE TRAP OF PALEO BAKING AND DESSERTS. I try to avoid Paleo baking or desserts and only do that on special occasions. If you do some searching, you'll find a million "paleo" cakes and cookies and snacks that really won't do you any favors because they're still full of sweeteners (and those nut flours aren't the best thing either). If I have dessert, it's usually a piece of fruit and/or a square of dark chocolate and/or a handful of nuts. By sticking to whole foods like that you can control portions better because you actually get full. It's so much easier to eat a half dozen "paleo" muffins than a half dozen apples.
  2. THE TRAP OF GLUTEN-FREE GOODIES. Gluten-free is great. Gluten-free products are not great. They contain a) substitute grains, which aren't as bad as wheat but lead to a similar endocrine response and make you put on weight, and b) sugars to make them tasty (which also make you put on weight). It's brilliant marketing and I'm a sucker for that, so I just don't go near the gluten-free aisle in the grocery store. I try to think of it as Not Food.
  3. THE TRAP OF HIDDEN SUGAR. Sugar is in everything, so you have to read labels. It's in every sauce, every packaged snack, every bottle of iced tea, and remember that fruit juice IS sugar. Same with dried fruits.
  4. THE TRAP OF DRINKING YOUR CALORIES. Protein shakes, smoothies, juices, alcohol - these will all get in the way of leaning out. The problem is that they're very carb-dense without the fiber, so you just don't realize how big of a portion you're getting and how fast it's getting absorbed. So you have too much. All of these things should probably come in a shot glass, but it's always big bottles and cups, isn't it? Try to opt for things you can chew whenever possible.

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