Monday, August 8, 2011

A month away!

My due date is now exactly one month away. So excited! Although a month still seems like a really frickin' long time, especially given Mr. Ribkicker's favorite hobbies: kicking, punching, and some kind of weird pushing possibly to make more room for himself in Hotel Amy. So kid, here's the deal. I'm a fan of full-term delivery, and I guess that's 37 weeks, or 10 days from now. So feel free to hang out there for a while longer. But just so you know, your room is all ready, I washed your blankets and tiny clothes, and I packed my hospital bag and put it in the car. Dude, I'm ready. So when you're ready, come on out. Sure, there's a little more knitting to finish, but I can do that when you sleep, right? :)

Mike told me today that he only follows SOME of the links I post. Shocking, huh? Thought he'd be hanging on my every interest. My only criteria for posting links is that they have to be things I find interesting. So I'm wondering if other people find my links interesting. Sometimes I just put them there as a bookmark for myself, but I do try to pick a variety and share with you the best of what I'm reading. Well, here's today's selection, which includes a cute kitty sitting on pillows, a post about breastfeeding, a story about China's economy, a recipe, and of course an octopus craft project.


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